Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Week at the Fair part II

Busy Week at the Fair part II(follow pictures above)
After spending all week getting geared up to show calves, the fun part finally rolls around. After showing Bella and not having so much fun, Kennedy got to forget about animals for a little while and begin to transform herself for the Fair Princess pageant. It all began at the Red Carpet Salon where Michelle Lensing did her hair. She started out curling it with a flat iron, ironic. Then she swept it up on top of her head with all these beautiful curls cascading from her head. Great job, Michelle!!
Then she got her Tshirt and jeans on for the opening number. She had to introduce herself and then do a dance to a Hannah Montana song. Quite awkward for six four to six year olds. No organized moves makes for a LONG dance but they did well. We then hurried back stage for a quick change into her dress. It was a short white dress with a halter and beads on the bodice. the skirt was full and flowy. Her socks and bow matched with marabou(fur) and rhinestones! The more bling the better!!! She came out and smiled so pretty, did her figure eight walk and then went to the emcees who one of turned out to be her queen, Emily McCollom. Emmy asked her the question what was her favorite toy. I thought to myself oh good, an easy one. She will answer horses for sure. I was wrong. Kennedy answered the question with "puzzles." Not sure where that came from but she smiled through it and looked very poised. She did so well that when they came out, she was announced as the 2010 Sebastian County Fair Princess. For her first pageant she did great! We are looking forward to our next appearance at the Greenwood Christmas Parade.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Today my alma mater Ouachita Baptist Univeristy is having blog out day. The admissions office wants alumni to share their story via blog so here goes:

I always heard about OBU through my dad's youth group kids. I grew up know all about OBU. Many of Searcy grads went there. I really got serious about looking for colleges my junior year. My first love was any school where they had good cheerleaders and I could try out before enrolling as a student. I didn''t want to go to any school unless I could cheer for that school. This meant I couldn't go to U of A because when I was a senior tryouts were not until fall after enrollment. I found a school in Jackson, TN called Union University, a baptist school that had a coed cheer squad who was decent. I visited there and thought I liked it. Being a private school meant that I was going to have to get serious scholarships. On that visit, I learned I had a full ride due to grades, actitivies, and grants. Upon returning home, I had a letter from a girl I had looked up to all through high school telling me how awesome OBU was and how she thought I would love it. I made the excuse that I was still two thousand dollars short on scholarships at Ouachita. Looking through the mail turned out to be my answer. I had a letter saying I had received two thousand dollar scholarship from some random place in New York. WOW! God was trying to tell me something. Shortly there after, I tried out and made the cheer squad. Granted, we were not Kentucky by any means but I met two of my best friends cheering.

This leads me to some of the best parts of OBU:I met my roomate of four years at OBU. We are still friends to this day. I made so many great lifelong friends at college. Some of the best things were my social club(similar to a soroity at at state school) EEEs. Tiger Tunes. We WON as Toy soldiers. (pics to come later) Tiger Traks basically a oozefeat of mud volleyball, cheering in college,hanging out in OC Bailey with my girls, laughing, crying, and growing close, TWIRP week(the woman is responsible for paying).

I had such a wonderful experience at OBU and I hope my children choose to go there as well.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spontaneous and silly

Today was a wonderful day I hope m kids remember. For the first time in a very long time we had nowhere to be and nothing to do. I was kind of in shock because the day was so eventful even though we were not on a "schedule."
The day started out with my kids "cocka doodle doing" my brother at 7 this morning. Not a morning person, he actually endured it quite well. After a breakfast of togetherness, we ventured to "Greenwood House" aka my parents house in Greenwood. Side note: My parents live in Searcy but have a small place here to come and visit so as not to be in our "grill".
We hung out with my parents, had lunch, and then Kennedy got to ride her horse, Spirit. I know, original but we inherited the name when we bought the horse. She hasn't gotten to ride lately and loved it. I am not sure the love is as passionate as it has been in the past but still there. After riding, we played outside in the beautiful weather. I am so thankful it wasnt' so hot today.
My parents got a new porch swing and my dad, brother, and Sean put it together. It wasnt' that hard but each wanted to participate so after they finally got it put together we played with the box. It first was a resturant, then a lemonade stand, a package which came with children popping out. The best part of the play came when Popsy decided to push the big kids down the big hill behind the pond IN the boxes. How much fun did these two have. OMG! The game went on for a long time. Savoring the delighted squeals and jubilant laughter, I realized the kids are still babies. They don't always need an activity scheduled to have fun. Sometimes just being silly and spontaneous is the best.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fair Week is always busy for the Hollands. Part I

The busyness began Monday getting ready for all the festivties. Scrounging up a car for the parade was first on the agenda. Sean and I called everyone we know that had a convertible but to no avail. Then, we thought of Susie Butler. She has a bright yellow Pontiac Solstice and was nice enough to let Sean drive Kennedy in the parade. K loved it soo much. She was riding in the parade because she was a contestant in the Sebastastian County Fair Princess. Soo, it was off tothe parade. Kennedy thought the parade was more exciting than the pageant. She wore her snakeskin dress and her boots. She sat up so tall and proud waving the pageant wave.

For the past three years, Kennedy has shown a calf. Her first experience was Norman, a bottle fed calf who she saved. He was light brown and very fragile, for lack of a better word. Then there was Ears, who was named for those parts of her body. She was half Bremer with a red coat. She and Ears bonded and became good partners. That calf would follow her anywhere. Ears was such a good heifer that grew to be over 500 lbs and Kennedy showed her again. Kennedy loved showing her calf and was very proud ofher showmanship award, her purple Grand Champion ribbons.

This year was a bit different. The calf's name is Bella, she came to us about one month ago. Sean worked with this calf every day trying to get her ready for the Sebastain County Fair. She seemed ready, a little "antsy" as Sean and Kennedy described her, but ready none the less. As she lead the calf into the area, Bella decided that she would not perform. She headbutted Kennedy four times and made her cry. Sean had to help K lead Bella into the ring. K cried all afternoon.

This year was Scott's first year to show. He is four and did a great job. He had a little help from dad but was soo proud. His calf was "Lady" after the purple engine that is a friend of his favorite engine, Thomas. Scott did not have a good relationship with Lady at first. She was very hungry and ran over him in the process of getting to her food. He began to like her better after he waited to work with her after she ate.

He walked out into the arena leading Lady as if he had done it a hundred times. Chest puffed out, he walked so proud, as he should be. Considering the weight difference inthe two. Both of the "pee wees"as they are called at this age got a purple ribbon. It takes a lot just to get them out there much less the time and effort it takes before you get there. Ask Sean about that, I am not quite sure of all the details. Give me hair and makeup I am good. Dirt and other things, not so much. Both of my babies made me proud.
Klaire was at the fair also. she did a lot of sitting and waiting. That's how she spends most of her time these days.
I don't have a picture of our lifesavers every year at the fair but they are always there and so helpful. The Taylor girls: mom, Susan, Claire, Aubrey, Christine, and Madeline. These girls are so great to do anything Kennedy (and Scott this year) need help with from scooping poop to helping lead cattle. They even do fun stuff like tie kennedy up with duct tape. She asked for it(litterally and figurateltly) and keep everyone entertained.
Thanks Taylor Girls for showing my children how to have fun and be responsible all at the same time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What kids say

WOW! Kennedy made me so proud today. SHe is going to be in the fair queen pagant this year. She will be one of the oldest in her division so we thought it would be a fun experience. I was nervous at first because she is such an overachiever I was worried about how it would be if she doesn't win. We talked about how she might not win but it would be fun to get dressed up. Anyway, we were practicing our "walk" and then I told her there might be some questions on stage. She won't be judged on them but she still needed to be ready. We went through several questions. Here were her answers.. you will see why I was proud when you read the question about her favorite book.

Me: What do you like to do for fun?
Ken: I like to read books and ride horses.
Me: Do you have a horse?
Ken: yes, spirit is her name.
Me:You said you like to read, what is your favorite book?
Ken: Well, I like the Junie B Jones books but The Giving Tree is my favorite.(surprised look on my face)
Ken: The tree gives away everything to other people and I want to be like that.

This made me so proud because this came with absolutely no prompting by me. I just wanted to hear her answers. It makes me feel good as a mom that she picked something with some substance. I am soo proud ofher. Can't wait til pageant night.
Yesterday was open house at East Pointe and we went to meet Mrs. Baxley. Kennedy had written her a note and got a gift together for her. The soap and handsanitizer wrapped with a hand towel and big ribbon. We worked hard to get that bow tied just right. So, we tour the school and then go into her classroom. Ms. Baxley is opening Kennedy's card and says,"Thanks Kennedy. Now I can get a coke." Kennedy had given Ms. Baxley a dollar. OMG! I was so surprised. Soo funny. She thinks thats a big deal because she gets a dollar in the mail from Gransy and Popsy. Going to be a great year.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

After spending time with Kennedy's teacher, Mrs. Baxley I know that God has her in the right place. I am soo excited about this year. There are good kids in her class and the parties will be fun with other parents. I am thankful that I didn't write that letter I debated about. This year is going to be good. Kennedy is so excited about her teacher and her class.

The teacher

We went to the school the other day to find out who Kennedy's teacher was. We have been talking all summer about who her teacher is. She really wanted to get Ms. Watts because we go to church with her and Kennedy feels comfortable with her. I tried to explain to her that she may not get her. I was hoping she might get her too. I really debated about whether or not to write a letter and "request" a teacher. I thought that might help get the teacher we both wanted.

After much prayer and talking to Godly friends, I decided NOT to write that letter. The trip to the school was so much fun. Kennedy was so excited as was I. We both realized that she did not get Ms. Watts. I was a bit disappointed.. at first. Then I realized that we got Gina Baxley. Kennedy was okay with not having who she orginally wanted and I was good with that too.

After seeing the list of students we got even more excited about her class this year. I am so thankful for good friends for Kennedy. There are so many kids in the class. This day was such a fun experience and Kennedy got to share it with her good friend Lindsey. Lindsey's first year of school will be this year.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More pics of the beach.. here is how the big kids had fun.. pushing each other into the pool.

Just a different perspective...

One of Charlie's angels came to visit while we were there

crabs caught by daddy, kennedy, scott and popsy. love chasing those crabs after dark. Mommy and Gransy were watching Alyse Eady win Miss Arkansas via the internet.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My home away from Home.. THE BEACH

I absolutely LOVE the beach! I was so sad when I heard about the oil spill and how it "ruined" the Gulf Coast. I thought we would not be able to go this year. We skipped last year because Klaire was so small. Thankfully, we had a wonderful lady we rent from who encouraged us to come on. Two years ago my mom found this wonderful condo called Ocean House in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The complex has a zero entry pool and it sits ON the beach which is a must for us. The other thing that cinched it for us was the bathroom on the ground floor right by the pool. With two of three kids potty trained, it makes life a LOt easier at the pool. Here is the view from our condo.

We stayed on the second floor, which was actually the first floor of rooms. Far enough away from pool not to hear noise but close enough to enjoy the view of pool.

This was Klaire's first trip to the beach. She loved it. I didn't take my camera to the beach the days we played in the ocean but she loved the waves. She would wait for the water to come in and then run into the waves. She is so brave. Gransy and Popsy would hold onto her sometimes to keep her from falling. I am glad my kids love the beach as much as I do. She would also play in the sand until she saw the big kids get up and go to the ocean, then she would be right behind them.

Trying to get pics of all three was quite hard. No one would look at the camera at the same time. It really frustrated me at the time but now it is fun to look back and see all the chaos that happened in a matter of minutes. Scott pushed Kennedy into the sand and Klaire fell in the water. Ahh, the memories..
Kennedy, 6
Scott, almost 4
Klaire, 16 months
Love this shot. Hope they really feel this loving toward each other one day.

Another picture, notice Lightening McQueen made this shot.

We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves. We only had two days worth of oil and Gulf Shores did a great job of cleaning up the beaches. The media really hurt tourism in the area for no reason. Yes, there was oil but no, it shouldn't have kept people away from the beach. I am so thankful we went and enjoyed the sand, water, and waves.. to be continued

Birthday Boy part two

Scott's party was Monday at Flame Gymnastics Outback. He had several of his friends over and they played their little hearts out. Here is the Birthday boy with his crown, that didn't last long.

Here are the "little kids," Hudson, Ainsley, Camryn, Courtney, Brandon, Bethany and Scott. What a cute group of kids.

The big girls at their own table. Ellie, Lindsey, Abi, Emily, and Kennedy. Big sisters helping celebrate.

Surprise, Thomas the tank Engine was the theme of the party. Carla Gregory made teh cake and did a great job. We love Thomas at our house.

Here are the engineers getting ready to ride home. The only thing better would have been a real train. The kids had so much fun and enjoyed themselves.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my precious baby boy, Scott. He is four today. I am soo thankful for a healthy son to continue our family legacy, carry on the Holland name, the features and values of the Jacksons, and develop into his own person. I pray for Scott's

kindergarten teacher
high school teacher
wife, that we love her and she loves us(that might be hard), that she is a strong Christian woman, and fun loving.

Four years ago, I woke up at 3 in the morning wondering why I was awake. I thought I had to use the restroom and realized my water had broken. I woke Sean up and told him it was time to go to the hospital. He, of course, layed there and asked if I was sure. I said, emphatically, yes I am positive. I got a shower and did my hair and make up before we left. Sean ran to the car and kept coming back in to ask if I was ever going to get ready to go. I was in no hurry. I didn't begin to hurt with contraction until we got to the hospital. When we got there it was 6:30 and the night shift nurses checked me in and told me they thought I was mistaken about my water breaking. NOT TRUE! Soo, when the morning crew came on they confirmed what I already knew and began the potosin at 8ish. Dr. Rainwater came in and checked me and I had not dialated much. I took some IV drugs and Sean would watch the monitors. Each time the contractions would show he would squeeze a spot on my foot the reflexologist gave me in high school. It seemed to work keeping my contractions from being HORRIBLE. On this went until I felt like Scott was coming. The nurse checked me and I was dialated to an 8 and we did a "practice push." Sean got up and said he was going to the lobby to let everyone know I was beginning pushing but then nurse Hope grabbed his arm with wide eyes and said, " Don't leave, I might need you." WOW that made me feel better. Dr. Rainwater came in and caught the baby boy who had no name yet. We didn't see her long because Scott made such a timely exit.
His name was debated for several days. Mom and Dad could not agree. Fianlly, when it was time to go home we gave the boy his name. I am pleased with it and it fits him. I love you Scott!!

Today was a very tiring day. After spending the night at my parents house following an eleven day beach trip(more on that later), we began the trip back home. It went well and we were glad to be home for Scott's birthday. Daddy cooked burgers and hot dogs so we could spend time with family after being gone. Gransy and Popsy came over and we had cake and ice cream. Thomas and james the tank engines even made an appearance. Sean and I are waiting until his party Monday to give him his present. We had so much fun celebrating Scott's birthday. Good to be back home.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fancy Nancy

As I looked through my memories aka pictures, I realized that I had not blogged about Kennedy's birthday party. She turned 6 and had a hard time deciding what she wanted to do forher party. We have done one, dora, horses, my little pony, and the horses again. Soo, she thought she wanted to do horses but when we talked about it several times, she finally came up with Fancy Nancy. Nancy is one of her favorite characters to read about. She wanted to play gams at her party. The kids had sack races,

stilt races (which the big kids did pretty good with but the little kids... not so much)

musical chairs and played with the parachute. How much fun was that for a bunch of 6 year old girls, oh and Pierce, the ONLY big boy. he is K's cousin and she HAS to invite him so we let him decide if he wanted to be the only boy and smart guy he said sure!

Here is the cake Kennedy picked out. She descibed it to me as a three layer cake that is pink and purple. I thought it would be iced that way but Carla knew better. Kennedy and I had a "girls day" one day and went to Hobby Lobby and she picked out these imbellishments. Pretty good Fancy Nancy cake. Way to go H1!! I can't believe she is six. I watch her grow up more every day and am thankful that I get to stay home and do that. I am also thankful this little girl has good friends to share her birthday and that she is healthy enough to celebrate.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Freedom Fest Fun

After living in Greenwood for almost 10 years I finally made it to the Freedom Fest hosted on the square each July 4th. I am told that there are things like a turtle race, bounce arounds, and other fun activites all day. Since the weather was wet and dreary most of the day, I kept the children home until "showtime." Daddy aka 10 spur was performing on the square as the headlining act. They followed Mr. CabbageHead and athe Screaming Radishes and Fordomatic. Great times had by all. Because of the rain I didn't take my camera but got a few shots on my phone. Great music was heard and the band did a great job making Freedom Fest a hometown success! SO proud ofmy husband. The kids had fun sitting and watching as well as dancing. Klaire just sat in the stroller(where she has spent most of her life up to this point) and clapped when daddy played.
We watched fireworks all together and then Ms. Monica took the little kids home for bed. Kennedy got to stay and watch the second half of the 10 Spur show. Fun times.
Looking forward to next year, maybe it will be sunny and we may even race a turtle.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just keep swimming

Thanks so much to our sponsors for this year. Dan and Tonya at Eagle One Logisitcs!! They helped make us look so sharp on and off the field.You two are great. Glad we got to know you.

This is the cool slide every kid there went down at least a hundred times. Okay maybe a little exaggeration but those kids loved it! Who wouldn't?
here are two of the three girls on our team, Kennedy and LeahDunking each other is so fun, why? All in good fun I suppose.

Our tball party was last night and we had such a great time. Thanks to the Young Family for hosting such a good party. The kids had fun but it was a very enjoyable evening for the adults too.

Our team came in first place in the younger 5 and 6 year old league. Great way to finish the season, even though we didn't get to make up our two rainouts. I wish we played a little longer into the summer. It is so fun to be at the ballpark. Most of my summer memories begin and end with either watching or playing. I want my kids to experience that too. sorry, spiderwebbing.

Back to the party, it got stared off on the right foot. I had to go back to pick up something I forgot so the guys were in charge. Maybe not such a good choice around water. Example:bree's party from last year when Scott fell/jumped? in. Soo, when I arrive back at the party I am told that both of my children have been down the slide without floaties. That's okay because they are both excellent swimmers. Three years of lessons, they ought to be Olympians by now according to dad. The scary part is when my husband informs me that they were debating about who was going in after our children because Scott somehow ended up swimming over his sister in the water. Chris apparently didn't wait for the discussion, he went in fully clothed. Thanks Chris!!
The kids had a ball and got their trophies. After realizing they placed first the excitement was mounting. then more swimming. Hamburgers and hot dogs cooked by the grill master, aka Sean Holland, was the menu of choice. eating, swimming and ending the season on a good note was

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday cha cha cha... Kennedy turned six today. I was at St. Edwards on June 24 at midnight to get things rollin'. I took everything but the kitchen sink, had been packed for three weeks and was anxious for this to happen. With her being my first, I was apprehensive to say the least. I stayed the night (didn't sleep b/c of vitals check.) and then at 8:00 am Melissa Rainwater came in and started my petocin (sp?) and broke my water about an hour later. I wasn't in labor long but it was hard. I decided I wanted to "try" tohave the baby without epidural. I might change my mind later I thought. But I did want a little IV drugs to knock the edge off. I was in and out during contractions. Soo, sean would watch the monitor and when the contractions would start he would squeeze a spot on the side of my ankle and the contractions didn't seem as bad. This spot was suggested by a reflexologist so I think it worked physically but I know it worked mentally (3 times). The nurses let me "practice" push when I finally dialated to an 8. My nurse Hope told Sean that he might get to help deliver the baby. She kept telling me not to push but I couldn't help it. I didn't have that epidural so I could feel each time my body wanted to push. I tried not to. At this point, I had not seen the doctor very much. She rushes in and floats the baby because th cord is around her neck. All of this I find out later. She delivered the beautiful baby girl, sewed me up and said Congratulations, that will be $X. Thanks. See you later. I didn't see her again until next mornning. She did ask the baby's name and Sean looked at me and said "after that, you can name her anything you want." She became Kennedy Danette Holland at that moment. I am so thankful for my little girl.
She teaches me so much. I want to remember everything about her.

Random thoughts;
You slept on my chest for the first six weeks of your life.

You nursed for 14 months.

We read LOTS of books.

You LOVED baby einstein.

You nursed many times a day.

You learned and used sign language.

Fave words: please, thank you, eat, more, dad, mom

You talked early and in sentences.

You were so good, went anywhere without fussing.

you played with horses from the time you could hold anything.

Didn't like baby dolls, barbies, just horses.

All of that to say, tonight we took Kennedy out to dinner by herself for her birthday. We wanted it to be special for her. She chose to eat at Logan's. She loves their rolls. She ate steak tips and macaroni. I loved being there with her because it was like how it will be when she is a teenager. I saw glimpese of her personality that I can't wait to see blossom. We gave her a Nintendo DS. We had talked about gettting her one and were debating. At the Spring Fling at Westwood, I won the raffle for a DS and a Phineas and Ferb game. She loves that show. Only becasue she gets the humor that is intended for adults watching the show with their kids. She loved it. It made me kind of sad becasue she didn't get a "toy" or stuffed horse but she wasn't interesed in them. I am loving who she is becoming but am kind of sad to see her grow up.

Thank you Jesus, for a beautiful young lady I pray will follow you and be a special child of God.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Klaire Bear

Klaire Bear! This is what she was called the first few minutes after she came. Our nurse used that name and we LOVED it so we have made it stick. Sean calls her Dobber as in Klaire Dobson Holland, after a family that is close to my family grwoing up. She is growing up so fast. She started walking about a month ago. Klaire is aso feeding herself when I let her. I don't like a mess so I feed them as long as possible. She does pretty well probably because she doesn't want to waste any of it. Ha WOW! She is almost running. Trying to keep up with H1 and H2 as we refer to them. H3 is smiling and beginning to talk. She is putting her sign language to good use. She uses more for pretty much everything, usually asking for more to eat.
Today she looked at our friend Sharon and said "share share" This started with my other friend Mischelle's daughter calling Sharon that name. One day last week she said "gansy" (gransy) I am almsot positive. Hearing Klaire use words and walk makes me realize how grown up she is getting.
It is bittersweet to think she might be the last Hollands
kid on this branch of the tree. You win, Tara.
Things that make me sad she is the caboose:
baby smell (the good ones)
the cute fabric carol hartsell is getting in
scott won't have a brother
cuddling on the couch with no talking
baby sign language
each milestone she passes will be the last
Things that make me happy she is the caboose:
baby smells(the bad ones)
NO MORE diapers!! eventurally
she has a sister
scott won't have a brother
trips to school programs, tball, or any other event without an infant
maybe she will LOVE dance, gymnastics, and paegants and HATE dirt and horses
the fact that I have a "baby girl"
No more weddings to pay ofr

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And so it ends...

Here is Leah, Kennedy and Hallie. The three amigos in Ms. Anderson's Class. They have been such good friends this year. From learning to read to fighting off bullies these three have been through it all. This is the last day of kindergarten and it is bittersweet for a mommy. We have had the best year with Stefanie and have learned so much. She has taught Kennedy how to read, pick out words in text, and how to do a venn diagram. I pray everyday that we get so blessed next year in first grade. Leah played tball with us this year and Hallie we have played against. We sure miss these girls. This was fun day where all the kids played outside on bounce arounds and got sprayed with the water hose. Popsiclses and water finished out the day.
A year ago, I had no idea how different my baby would be at the end of this year. WOW! How she has grown up.
Things I want to remember:
how grown up she is now
she is reading on a 2nd to 3rd grade level
the friendships she has developed
how much she loves her brother
her not being my baby anymore

Promises, Promises

This is the title of Kennedy's favorite song at children's choir. I am so proud of her for going to choir and singing so good. Her teacher was Ms. Billie Lensing or Lauren McNutt. Choir is one of Kennedy's favorite activies. She sang "God is a Strong Tower, Promises which is a great praise song for kids because it is repetitive. At the end of the year program in May, there were only five kids there to perform but the program is bigger than that. THis is the first year that the church has had preschool and children's choir and it will only get better. It brought back so many memories of children's choir to me. I loved to sing at church when i was Kennedy's age. She is such a great singer and listener. I can't wait to see and hear her grow and change with age. SO proud of my little singer.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chug a chuga choo choo

Today was a day I will never forget. Scott was in heaven today. We went to Van Buren for old timers day and
After getting to the depot an hour early we waited and waited to FINALLY board the Arkansas Missouri Railroad passenger cars. Scott had so much fun. He kept saying, "Are we going ot the train station? We going to "wide" the "weal twain" translation, are we going to ride the real train. During our wait Scott found a white train he HAD to have and Kennedy found a whistle she had to buy bc she "accidently" put her mouth on. should've left that one there, mouth or not. I am so thankful for thetime we got to spend as a family today. We don't get to do that very often because Sean has to work. He went early to get done so we could go without worrying about the cows. Thanks Dad. It was worth it.

The train went to Copp? A town about 30 minutes past Van Buren at I40. Scott watched the caboose pushed beside us and to the specatator platform. SO neat to see my son get to see the one thing he is in love with. I am proud to be his mom!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

kids and technology

Soo I get an email from my mom today that was delivered sometime yesterday. Ok, it's an email you think. This email came from Kennedy to my mom. On Saturday we had a "girls day" and went to Fianna for their annual May day for garage sales on the hunt for a playhouse and some other intersting finds. side note: we didn't find much. Anyway, back to story at hand, kennedy was playing with my mom's iphone. yes, she has one and I don't. She was asking questions about my mom's middle name and so we just thought she was curious.
Somehow she had figured out how to get to notes, typed in the message to my parents, Gransy and Popsy, and then manuvered to the email app and tried to email it to my mom. Crazy how they just know who to do work electronics. Love how smart she is. It is hard for me to believe we are almost done with kindergarten.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Play Ball!

Take me out tothe ball game, take me out to the crowd. It is my very favorite sport of all time. Tball is here and in full swing. I could sit at the ball field all summer. Kennedy is playing well and doing a great job hitting the ball. She doesn't run as fast as I think she could but I think it has something to do with the helmet.
I love to watch her get ready to hit. She spreads those feet, keeps her back elbow up and swings for the fence. If only she propped that foot up to get ready to step before she swings. That will come, I hope. kennedy is playing second base and doing okay. She is NOT covering the bag when there is a force. Once again, I think that will come. her best friend Ellie plays ball with us and they have fun together. Pics to come.

Scott is having fun watching the game yet dying to be out there himself. I found him some baseball pants that match the team and he looks soo adorable. His favorite spot is to play is in the dirt. He has been such a trooper because all he does is hurry up and wait for sister.
On a different note, we are trying to decide where to send Scott for preschool next year. I think it is going to be Mother's Day out at FBC again two days a week. I am not sure. He loves going to school.

Klaire took five steps last Wednesday at MOPS. I watched her and got soo excited and scared her so then she sat down. Of course, she walked for someone else first. her appetite is still growing like the rest of her. We like to tease she will eat anthing that doesn't eat her first. Oh my, she has to start walking soon, she is getting heavy. Klaire is doing so well also waiting on sister and brother. She is going to Ms. Pat's class at MDO at FBC. She loves Ms. Pat. We are loving how excited she gets to walk.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Growing Kids Sale.

Growing kids sale was today. I usually LOVE this sale. I get ready weeks ahead and put my stuff in to sell and wait for the big day. I got in line at 2 for the doors to open at three. There were quite a few people in front of me. Some had been there since 11. Not that important to me. I am pleased with what I got but still was not impressed with the sale. the toys were soo hard to shop and they didn't have much play equipment outside. Oh well. I got lots of good stuff, just to name few, peaches and cream outfit for h3, another two outfits sitll tagged from orginal store, several pair of shorts for scott. Some khaki some denim, thomas slippers, a play outfit with bling for h1. Scott got thomas slippers, a htomas floor puzzle as well as brand spankin' pair of stride rite sandals. I found a cute dress and leggins for h1 with tags still attached. Good deals but not as much to choose from this year. Just sayin.


THis past weekend was Kennedy's first tball game of the season. She is playing with 5 and 6 year olds at teh boys and girls club. Her team name is Eagle One Hot shots. We played in a suburban league tournament. We played a game on Friday night and lost our first game. The kids were nervous. They were a different team on Saturday. We won two games in a row and finally got into the groove about the time the game was ending. I hope that we keep improving every game. Sean, Todd(our cousin, and jeremy lensing are coaching. They are so much fun to watch. Hope we do okay.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lions, tigers, and ears?

Children's Hospital was our first stop on our venture this weekend. We have had an ear recheck appt for Scott since janurary to see Dr. BOwer. This doctor is the one who put Scott's two sets of tubes, took out his tonsils and adenoids and gave us the confidence that he is the best. We went for this doctor to tell us if Scott needed his third set of tubes. After looking at his ears, Dr. Bower declared Scott's ears "normal." this is exciting because every time we have been he has had fluid on the ears or needed tubes. He is doing so much better. We may not have to go back to childrens. yeah!
After Scott's appointment we took the kids to the Little Rock Zoo. It was pretty good and the kids had a ball. They saw lions, zebrs, HUGE snakes,(as kennedy would say). I loved watching the kids see the animals. It was also neat to use some of the different characsteristics of the animals as a way to show our kids how God made them. I am amazed sitll to this day about things like the giraffe's neck, the anteater's snout, and countless other things he made special for each species. We had so much fun as a family. We don't get to go do things like this as a family very often. I hope we can do it again soosn.

Potty time.. again

Soo, Scott has got the #1 potty training down. I am so proud of him. He is telling when he has to peepee in potty. We announce it to everyone in a resturant when we go inside somewhere. His newest accomplishment is to pp off the porch. He is getting so big. #2is not so easy. he is having trouble telling us about this. I know everyone says boys have a harder time iwth this, it doesn't make me feel much better. I hope this comes soon. I am proud of him for going pp and telling us he needs to go.


Easter this year was great. We went to the service at the PAC. I was there early taking pictures of families for the slide show and totally missed my family so the pics you will see are pics of my kids when we got home. Klaire is not so excited about getting her picture made.

We went to have our pics made with the animals at Jodi's in VB and she cried pretty much the whole time. She hated the bunnies and chicks. One of my college friends works with Jodi and put a chick on her head. SHe was furious. Hilarious. Daddy got to go with us for pictures and then we went to pay for our new furniture,hoping it might be in. No such luck. But we are excited about getting it. I bought our couch and love seat when I was single and moved into my apartment. It was a used set from a friend of my mom's who barely used it. Sean's chair is five years old and beginning to crack at the head and the stuffing is coming out of one of the arms. Someone has been in that chair at least 20 hours a day since I got it when I was pregnant with Kennedy. It has rocked babies many a night. This is where Kennedy and I spent the first six weeks of her life.. day and night. Our new couch is a bassett. Can't wait to get it. I may have to have help arranging it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

so the saga continues. As we talked about earlier, this week Scott moved into being a big boy. On Wednesday, we had a better day. We stayed home and peeped on potty several times, without the spankings. I think Scott figured out Mom was not going to let him win this time. I think we had one accident with #1 and #2. I am so thankful I stuck with this decision. I am still working on potty training this little boy. He is so smart and stubborn and one day I hope we can channel that. Thursday was an even better day in our jouney. We had once when Scott went to the potty by himself. He got to go with daddy to feed the cows and had a #2 accident in his "undoweao" which upset him. We are one step closer to being there. Friday ws an even better day. Gangies and Popies(Gransy and Popsy) came to visit and we showed them what a big boy scott has become. We are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents. See later post for more on that. Saturday he had no accidents. I look forward to saving so much money on diapers.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Potty time

Today was the big day for Scott. Sean and I decided that since we ran out of scott's diapers that it would be a good day to start potty training...again. Not so much. We started the day by Sean taking Scott to the potty to be a big boy since he was almost dry. He DID NOT want to potty to say the least. We had to coax it out of him. Sean and he were in the bathroom for at least 45 min before scott finally peepeed in the toilet. We gave him "mud covered Thomas" who by the way has been camped in Kenned's bathroom window sill for about six months when we stared this for the oh, thrid time. The first time he went was a big deal. We hooped and hollered and jumped up and down. Scott was not nearly as exctied as the reswt of us. By the time we got dressed and started out the door, he got to go with daddy on the big tractor as a rewared, we had already peed our pants. Sooo, mud covered thomas was short lived. Then, while we waited on daddy to come back I thought it would be a good idea to try to get scott to go again. We went to my bathroom, got the John Deere stool out and lifted the lid. NOt having any part of this, Scott sat down on the stool, crying. He didnt want to go potty. So, as he gathered up everything within his reach I began taking those things away. I told him we were staying in the bathroom until he used the potty. ( i knew he needed to go) He refused to go. This is where it becomes intersting. I took away the sucker he wanted, I took away the "toys" he wanted to play with and them I took "bue bank" aka blue blanket. So scott shared his feelings of hatred toward me. Yes, he said I hate you mommy TWICE. BOth of us were in tears by this point. I called Sean and he told me not to let scott see me cry. Easier said than done when you hear I hate you from your three and a half year old. After waiting on him for about 40 min, I went to check on Klaire(who was contained so she couldn't ge hurt) I came back and the child had peed in the floor by where I get ready instead of inthe potty. Do you think he is stubborn. I decided he was NOT going to win this battle so I made him clean up his mess and by gosh, we stayed in the bathroom until he FINALLY went in the potty! We don't have it mastered and I just wonder if it will ever sink in. I just know that God will see us through and help both of us survive. Just a sidebar:Kennedyjsut woke up one mornging and said Iwant to wear big girls panties and we were done. Easy as pie. Not with SCott. I hope one day he will use this stubborness for good instead of evil. I love you dearly SCott but sometimes you wear me out.
to be continued....
This weekend was crazy. It snowed six inches in Arkansas the beginning of Spring Break. WHo would've thought. Not me. The kids had a blast playing int the snow. Scott loves snow and wants to be the first out in it. Kennedy made snow angels during the last snowfall and decided it ws too cold for her.I was surprised when she couldn't wait to play in the snow with her brother. THey played for about an hour and tried tomake a snowman. Mom was no help. We needed daddy and he had to work extra hard. Klaire was asleep the whole time and missed thesnow. I had fun in the snowball fight the two big kids started with me.I was competitive so I couldn't let them win. We called it a draw.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

H3 is ONE!

I can't believe that my BABY is one. ON march 5 Klaire Dobson Holland, aka H3, left the world of being a baby. She is getting so big. She is crawling everywhere. Pulling up and trying to stand alone is another milestone we have met. Walking is on the horizon and coming up very quickly.

The cake was soo cute. Hot pink and green polka dots on top of zebra striped layer. We had Gransy and Popsy, Nana and Papa and Mom and Dad with your brother and sister. You got lots of clothes and some other stuff. Your favortie thing was the stroller/walker Mom and Dad got you. It gets you moving. You also gto a ball from each grandmother and more clothers. Your closet is full by the way.
Below is a letter I wrote for Klaire to read as she ages:

Klaire, I love you so much. When we found out we were having another girl i got so excited becasue I knew taht you and Kennedy would have each other and be a joy to me when you are grown ups. A brother is great but when they get married it's not like having a sister to go to themall with, or make those hard decisons. I didn't have a sister and therefore missed out on a special relationship that I saw from some of my friends and their sister. you are so special in yoour own way. I have enjoyed every moment fo your develpment. I watch in awe and excietment at your milestones instead of anticipation and worry that it's not at the right time. I look in your eyes and wonder who you willbe one day.

As I watch you interact with your brother and sister I smile at the love each of you show each other. Scott has been interesed in you from day one. Kissing and hugging you constantly. I have to tell him to get out of your grill. One day you will understand that phrase(and probably roll your eyes). Kennedy has become more attached to you the more you can communicate.

On your first birthday yo are talking like crazy.I hear your language developing every day. I hear Mama, Dada, bye bye on a regular basis. Bubba comes up every now and then on the day of your party you said keke which is what scott called kennedy.

I am so proud to call you my daughter, you are beautiful and sweet and spunky. Can't wait to see you grow into who God wants you to be. Always remember taht you have been lifted up to Jesus since you were in mommy's tummy. you are His child and He loves you. I thank Jesus every chance I get for a healthy, beautiful babby girl like you.

In God's Love,

Kindergarten PTO program

Kennedy recently had her kindergarten PTO program. SHe was a dog. I had a hard time figuring out how to make a dog costume so.. I googled it and here is what I did..

I don't know if you can see them but for her paws we took white socks and glued paw prints on them. We made ears and put big FAT bows in her pigtails. She looked adorable. The costume turned out pretty cute considering I am not crafty.

She sang great and knew all her words and motions. Her chroegraphy was very fun and Ms. Pittman did a great job getting all those k students to sing and dance. together. THer class was so cute.

Playing catch up.. again

WOW! Once again I am behind in keeping up. I feel that way a lot. I am posting some random thoughts and them some great pics with wonderful memories.

How great is...

snuggling with your five year old before she gets up to go to kindergarten, her looking at you and saying "I love you mom, you are my favorite mom ever" in that sleepy voice.

snuggling witn you one year old and rocking her to sleep when you have been so diligent to put her to sleep in her bed so she can "learn to go to sleep on her own."

knowing your daughter has great friends who are from Christian families.

hearing your son who is wide open say "Excuse me, right before he interrupts instead of repeating mommy 8 times.

having a husband who loves Jesus and watching him grow into the leader he needs and wants to be.

being so blessed and taking those blessings for granted.

watching your daughter do something she loves and feel so at home..even if it's not my passion.

seeing your son being sweet to BOTH his sisters, espcially watcing him love on little one.

hearing your one year old repeat the word "argue" and exchanging that did you hear what i heard look with your husband and laughting about it. (just to clarify- it was H1 doing the aruguing..not us)

I just want to get these memories down before they are gone. I think I will never forget the children saying things certain ways but as I sit here i have a hard time remembering those same things.

Thank you Jesus for these wonderul children who give me these important memories.

Monday, March 1, 2010


How much fun was the weekend of DNOW! Sean and I had 12 ninth grade girls at our house for the weekend. At first, I wasn't sure that was such a good idea but by Sunday, I was thankful we had hosted. The girls were so polite and fun. We enjoyed getting to know them and see what teenagers are like. These 12 girls had such good things to say and made me proud of the young women who are in our church.
We sent them upstairs to the our bonus room with all of the "girl junk" It helped we have three bathrooms for them to use without using mine. Friday night we got to know them with some activies and then on Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast. After Amanda Shook, our small group leader, led small group we went to the church for our big group session. Wade Morris was the speaker and he is a great youth communicatior. He was fun to listen to. Watching those girls see God work in their lives and others around them was amazing. It makes me wonder if 9th graders are my "calling within my calling." I so enjoy that age.
I didn't think the girls would eat as much as boys but WOW did they. We ordered pizza Friday night and they ate most of it! Sat morning we cooked muffins, 1 lb and 1/2 of bacon, eggs, and powdered doughnuts with oragne juice and milk. Saturday afternnon I made fruit dip and cut up fruit and I thought I was going to lose an arm before i could get more fruit cut. It was jsut funny how much more girl eat around each other.
I loved watching the girls in our house be so friendly to each other and others. THey did so good together. NO drama like I had anticipated. I loved that several of the girls who stayed iwth us made decisions and am praying that others will follow suit. I think we might host 10th grade girls next year.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thinking Ahead

There is so much going on in my head and life right now. WOW. It begins this coming weekend with Disciple Now and continues to Klaie's upcoming first bday and goes on to signing up Kennedy for tball again. Our lives are so busy and we are always going. I revel in days like today when we can slow down and enjoy each other. Scott and I cuddled up in the chair and watched Cars for about the 100th time. It didn't matter to me what was on, just that he sat with me and held my hand and every once in while lean over and kiss my cheek and say, I wove you, Mommy. my heart melts.
Klaire and I have read books and played with toys. She doesn't get much alone time so I try to make special time for her. Kennedy has been with her daddy today "sending cattle." That means she goes to the Leonards and stands beside the big cattle truck(the big ones you see on the interstate)on the OTHER side of the fence with her "stick and loads the cows with daddy" Soo cute. One day she will be way too cool to do this so Sean enjoys it while it lasts. It makes Papa happy too.
Tonight we have kennedy's upward game and she is going to do her first dance. We are soo excited.

My mind is still in overdrive but it helps to get some of it out on paper. I love the activity but sometimes miss the slower pace of kids being infants. I am trying to enjoy each stage and not wish it away. WIth Kennedy being halfway through kindergarten and Klaire about to turn one, I know that time flies and we miss out on so much thinking about what was or what is to come. I am thinking of the verse in matthew that says, Do not worry about tomorrow.

Thank you Jesus for healthy children, a husband who loves me and tries to show me, a home where we are safe and a wonderful church family. Please do not let me take advantage of these things. I love you.


Thinking ahead

I feel like there is so much going on in my head. It begins with Disciple Now this coming weekend to Klaire's upcoming first bday and on to kennedy's t ball signups. There is always so much going on in our lives(and everyone elses) I just revel in days like today. We have laid around doing not much of anything. Scott sat in my lap and we watched

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boys and notes

So Kennedy gets in the car telling me about her day and how it went. She got a little quiet and then from the backseat all of a sudden says,"Mom, I have to tell you something." her voice was so serious that I expected the worst... a failed AR test, a fall in the cafetira, a move off of green, yet my imagination was overactive.
so, I ask about the mysterious something. The conversations went a little soemthing like this:
Me: So what do you need to tell me?
H1:umm, so I wrote a note to nathan(will keep his last name out of print for sake of priviacy).
me:you did? what did this note say?
h1:wellll.. i wrote that I thought he was handsome. hee hee hee.
me: what did nathan say about this note?
h1: when i gave it to him, he read it and then he fainted.
me: really?
h1:yees moom, then he wrote me a note and and told me that he thought I was cute.
me: and what did you do?
h1: well, i fainted bu the gournd was really hard.
me: k, from now on let teh boys write you a note first, you don't write them notes first anymore.
me: you just let tehm do, one day you will understans.

All of that to say, I never thought we would have this conversation on boys and letting them "chase" you in kindergarten. I pray everyday for the things I say to my children will impact them positively. I was just thinking how wonderfully innocent the minds of small children are. I wish they would stay that way much longer.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's a First Time for Everything

Another excitng thing going on is Klaire's(aka H3 or Dobber) first day of Mother's
Day Out. She is only 10 months oldso I really had a hard time sending her, although it was out of necesstiy the first two weeks. I was working for Adult ed and macsteel from 7 in morning til 7 tahtn I needed ehr to go. i thoguht we could try it and then if she didn't like or I didn't like it we could always do something different. I was so thrilled when she reached for ms. Pat (who is her teacher)the first time in the room. She is in the same room that she goes to for Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings. I am so glad she likes to go and makes my life easier to get things done. She is so good, ms. pat is just in love with her. Thanks ms. pat!!

There's a First Time for Everything

Another exciting thing going on is Klaire(aka H3 or Dobber0

Catching up

Once again I have let a lot go by without documenting it. Where to start?
We began the new year with Upward and Kennedy is so cute in her uniform. I am coaching her squad and there are several of her friends on our squad. There is Elle, her new friend from school she met on the playground the first week of school. Elle, who is an answered preayer, and Kennedy were both seaching for friends and met each other and clicked right awaay. She is such a sweet girl and so much like Kennedy it scares me. T, her mom and I also hit it off. She is great and we stand outside the school everyday talking for about 30 minutes while the girls play.. unless it's thirty degrees or one of them is in trouble. We thank God for you Elle, and are glad you decided to cheer with Kennedy this year.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas was so much fun this year! It began on Christmas Eve when Jane Dobson, Klaire's namesake(Dobson) arrived that afternoon. SHe then attended the Christmas Eve service at church which was beautiful. The kids did great. Kennedy tried to sing the songs and held her candle so sweetly, Scott laid in the floor and played with his train but was quiet so I was happy. Klaire was fascinated by the singing and the candle. I didn't light mine because she wanted to play with it.. then try to eat it.
The service was great. I love going to church on Christmas Eve. It is not always perfect with two now three children but I am always glad to be there. It calms my soul before the chaos of the following days. My heart was so moved by the songs and sermon by Brother Ronnie. Thanks Brother Ronnie for being such a blessing to my family.

Then we came home and Jane got to visit with us. After she left Sean and the kids began making cookies. They had so much fun.. Kennedy chose a horse first then the Christmas cookies. Scott's first choice was a train. They made enough to make Santa a very happy camper. Then it was time to don our Christmas pjs. All three of the kids matched.. I failed to get a pic of all three together.

We woke up Chris mas morning, after a long night on the couch, to Kennedy yelling Mooom, Daad, it's morning time. They came out and got so excited about their gifts from Santa...
Kennedy got her much asked for choker. Santa could have saved himself a lot of money and just got that. She also got a karaoke machine and cds that are full of songs by Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and Disney princess as well as Disney's hannah montannh and other great classics.
Scott was so exited by his Pottery Barn anywhere chair with his name on it and his stuffed "big thomas" (stuffed pillow)
Scott was so excited about opening presents.. hd didn't care whose tehy were.. as long as he got to rip into them. his favorite line on Christmas morning was.."i wonda wat it is? Love it. Kennedy was so in character.. one at a time and then talking about each present. We had so much fun enjoying each other on Christmas morning.

Then Mom and Jane came over to cook the first dinner at the Holland house..and the whole family minus my brother came over to exchange gifts.

I hope that next year my brother will be able to attend the Christmas festivites next year. It was so much fun. We even had a white christmas.