Monday, August 30, 2010

Fair Week is always busy for the Hollands. Part I

The busyness began Monday getting ready for all the festivties. Scrounging up a car for the parade was first on the agenda. Sean and I called everyone we know that had a convertible but to no avail. Then, we thought of Susie Butler. She has a bright yellow Pontiac Solstice and was nice enough to let Sean drive Kennedy in the parade. K loved it soo much. She was riding in the parade because she was a contestant in the Sebastastian County Fair Princess. Soo, it was off tothe parade. Kennedy thought the parade was more exciting than the pageant. She wore her snakeskin dress and her boots. She sat up so tall and proud waving the pageant wave.

For the past three years, Kennedy has shown a calf. Her first experience was Norman, a bottle fed calf who she saved. He was light brown and very fragile, for lack of a better word. Then there was Ears, who was named for those parts of her body. She was half Bremer with a red coat. She and Ears bonded and became good partners. That calf would follow her anywhere. Ears was such a good heifer that grew to be over 500 lbs and Kennedy showed her again. Kennedy loved showing her calf and was very proud ofher showmanship award, her purple Grand Champion ribbons.

This year was a bit different. The calf's name is Bella, she came to us about one month ago. Sean worked with this calf every day trying to get her ready for the Sebastain County Fair. She seemed ready, a little "antsy" as Sean and Kennedy described her, but ready none the less. As she lead the calf into the area, Bella decided that she would not perform. She headbutted Kennedy four times and made her cry. Sean had to help K lead Bella into the ring. K cried all afternoon.

This year was Scott's first year to show. He is four and did a great job. He had a little help from dad but was soo proud. His calf was "Lady" after the purple engine that is a friend of his favorite engine, Thomas. Scott did not have a good relationship with Lady at first. She was very hungry and ran over him in the process of getting to her food. He began to like her better after he waited to work with her after she ate.

He walked out into the arena leading Lady as if he had done it a hundred times. Chest puffed out, he walked so proud, as he should be. Considering the weight difference inthe two. Both of the "pee wees"as they are called at this age got a purple ribbon. It takes a lot just to get them out there much less the time and effort it takes before you get there. Ask Sean about that, I am not quite sure of all the details. Give me hair and makeup I am good. Dirt and other things, not so much. Both of my babies made me proud.
Klaire was at the fair also. she did a lot of sitting and waiting. That's how she spends most of her time these days.
I don't have a picture of our lifesavers every year at the fair but they are always there and so helpful. The Taylor girls: mom, Susan, Claire, Aubrey, Christine, and Madeline. These girls are so great to do anything Kennedy (and Scott this year) need help with from scooping poop to helping lead cattle. They even do fun stuff like tie kennedy up with duct tape. She asked for it(litterally and figurateltly) and keep everyone entertained.
Thanks Taylor Girls for showing my children how to have fun and be responsible all at the same time.

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