Sunday, March 28, 2010

so the saga continues. As we talked about earlier, this week Scott moved into being a big boy. On Wednesday, we had a better day. We stayed home and peeped on potty several times, without the spankings. I think Scott figured out Mom was not going to let him win this time. I think we had one accident with #1 and #2. I am so thankful I stuck with this decision. I am still working on potty training this little boy. He is so smart and stubborn and one day I hope we can channel that. Thursday was an even better day in our jouney. We had once when Scott went to the potty by himself. He got to go with daddy to feed the cows and had a #2 accident in his "undoweao" which upset him. We are one step closer to being there. Friday ws an even better day. Gangies and Popies(Gransy and Popsy) came to visit and we showed them what a big boy scott has become. We are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents. See later post for more on that. Saturday he had no accidents. I look forward to saving so much money on diapers.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Potty time

Today was the big day for Scott. Sean and I decided that since we ran out of scott's diapers that it would be a good day to start potty training...again. Not so much. We started the day by Sean taking Scott to the potty to be a big boy since he was almost dry. He DID NOT want to potty to say the least. We had to coax it out of him. Sean and he were in the bathroom for at least 45 min before scott finally peepeed in the toilet. We gave him "mud covered Thomas" who by the way has been camped in Kenned's bathroom window sill for about six months when we stared this for the oh, thrid time. The first time he went was a big deal. We hooped and hollered and jumped up and down. Scott was not nearly as exctied as the reswt of us. By the time we got dressed and started out the door, he got to go with daddy on the big tractor as a rewared, we had already peed our pants. Sooo, mud covered thomas was short lived. Then, while we waited on daddy to come back I thought it would be a good idea to try to get scott to go again. We went to my bathroom, got the John Deere stool out and lifted the lid. NOt having any part of this, Scott sat down on the stool, crying. He didnt want to go potty. So, as he gathered up everything within his reach I began taking those things away. I told him we were staying in the bathroom until he used the potty. ( i knew he needed to go) He refused to go. This is where it becomes intersting. I took away the sucker he wanted, I took away the "toys" he wanted to play with and them I took "bue bank" aka blue blanket. So scott shared his feelings of hatred toward me. Yes, he said I hate you mommy TWICE. BOth of us were in tears by this point. I called Sean and he told me not to let scott see me cry. Easier said than done when you hear I hate you from your three and a half year old. After waiting on him for about 40 min, I went to check on Klaire(who was contained so she couldn't ge hurt) I came back and the child had peed in the floor by where I get ready instead of inthe potty. Do you think he is stubborn. I decided he was NOT going to win this battle so I made him clean up his mess and by gosh, we stayed in the bathroom until he FINALLY went in the potty! We don't have it mastered and I just wonder if it will ever sink in. I just know that God will see us through and help both of us survive. Just a sidebar:Kennedyjsut woke up one mornging and said Iwant to wear big girls panties and we were done. Easy as pie. Not with SCott. I hope one day he will use this stubborness for good instead of evil. I love you dearly SCott but sometimes you wear me out.
to be continued....
This weekend was crazy. It snowed six inches in Arkansas the beginning of Spring Break. WHo would've thought. Not me. The kids had a blast playing int the snow. Scott loves snow and wants to be the first out in it. Kennedy made snow angels during the last snowfall and decided it ws too cold for her.I was surprised when she couldn't wait to play in the snow with her brother. THey played for about an hour and tried tomake a snowman. Mom was no help. We needed daddy and he had to work extra hard. Klaire was asleep the whole time and missed thesnow. I had fun in the snowball fight the two big kids started with me.I was competitive so I couldn't let them win. We called it a draw.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

H3 is ONE!

I can't believe that my BABY is one. ON march 5 Klaire Dobson Holland, aka H3, left the world of being a baby. She is getting so big. She is crawling everywhere. Pulling up and trying to stand alone is another milestone we have met. Walking is on the horizon and coming up very quickly.

The cake was soo cute. Hot pink and green polka dots on top of zebra striped layer. We had Gransy and Popsy, Nana and Papa and Mom and Dad with your brother and sister. You got lots of clothes and some other stuff. Your favortie thing was the stroller/walker Mom and Dad got you. It gets you moving. You also gto a ball from each grandmother and more clothers. Your closet is full by the way.
Below is a letter I wrote for Klaire to read as she ages:

Klaire, I love you so much. When we found out we were having another girl i got so excited becasue I knew taht you and Kennedy would have each other and be a joy to me when you are grown ups. A brother is great but when they get married it's not like having a sister to go to themall with, or make those hard decisons. I didn't have a sister and therefore missed out on a special relationship that I saw from some of my friends and their sister. you are so special in yoour own way. I have enjoyed every moment fo your develpment. I watch in awe and excietment at your milestones instead of anticipation and worry that it's not at the right time. I look in your eyes and wonder who you willbe one day.

As I watch you interact with your brother and sister I smile at the love each of you show each other. Scott has been interesed in you from day one. Kissing and hugging you constantly. I have to tell him to get out of your grill. One day you will understand that phrase(and probably roll your eyes). Kennedy has become more attached to you the more you can communicate.

On your first birthday yo are talking like crazy.I hear your language developing every day. I hear Mama, Dada, bye bye on a regular basis. Bubba comes up every now and then on the day of your party you said keke which is what scott called kennedy.

I am so proud to call you my daughter, you are beautiful and sweet and spunky. Can't wait to see you grow into who God wants you to be. Always remember taht you have been lifted up to Jesus since you were in mommy's tummy. you are His child and He loves you. I thank Jesus every chance I get for a healthy, beautiful babby girl like you.

In God's Love,

Kindergarten PTO program

Kennedy recently had her kindergarten PTO program. SHe was a dog. I had a hard time figuring out how to make a dog costume so.. I googled it and here is what I did..

I don't know if you can see them but for her paws we took white socks and glued paw prints on them. We made ears and put big FAT bows in her pigtails. She looked adorable. The costume turned out pretty cute considering I am not crafty.

She sang great and knew all her words and motions. Her chroegraphy was very fun and Ms. Pittman did a great job getting all those k students to sing and dance. together. THer class was so cute.

Playing catch up.. again

WOW! Once again I am behind in keeping up. I feel that way a lot. I am posting some random thoughts and them some great pics with wonderful memories.

How great is...

snuggling with your five year old before she gets up to go to kindergarten, her looking at you and saying "I love you mom, you are my favorite mom ever" in that sleepy voice.

snuggling witn you one year old and rocking her to sleep when you have been so diligent to put her to sleep in her bed so she can "learn to go to sleep on her own."

knowing your daughter has great friends who are from Christian families.

hearing your son who is wide open say "Excuse me, right before he interrupts instead of repeating mommy 8 times.

having a husband who loves Jesus and watching him grow into the leader he needs and wants to be.

being so blessed and taking those blessings for granted.

watching your daughter do something she loves and feel so at home..even if it's not my passion.

seeing your son being sweet to BOTH his sisters, espcially watcing him love on little one.

hearing your one year old repeat the word "argue" and exchanging that did you hear what i heard look with your husband and laughting about it. (just to clarify- it was H1 doing the aruguing..not us)

I just want to get these memories down before they are gone. I think I will never forget the children saying things certain ways but as I sit here i have a hard time remembering those same things.

Thank you Jesus for these wonderul children who give me these important memories.

Monday, March 1, 2010


How much fun was the weekend of DNOW! Sean and I had 12 ninth grade girls at our house for the weekend. At first, I wasn't sure that was such a good idea but by Sunday, I was thankful we had hosted. The girls were so polite and fun. We enjoyed getting to know them and see what teenagers are like. These 12 girls had such good things to say and made me proud of the young women who are in our church.
We sent them upstairs to the our bonus room with all of the "girl junk" It helped we have three bathrooms for them to use without using mine. Friday night we got to know them with some activies and then on Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast. After Amanda Shook, our small group leader, led small group we went to the church for our big group session. Wade Morris was the speaker and he is a great youth communicatior. He was fun to listen to. Watching those girls see God work in their lives and others around them was amazing. It makes me wonder if 9th graders are my "calling within my calling." I so enjoy that age.
I didn't think the girls would eat as much as boys but WOW did they. We ordered pizza Friday night and they ate most of it! Sat morning we cooked muffins, 1 lb and 1/2 of bacon, eggs, and powdered doughnuts with oragne juice and milk. Saturday afternnon I made fruit dip and cut up fruit and I thought I was going to lose an arm before i could get more fruit cut. It was jsut funny how much more girl eat around each other.
I loved watching the girls in our house be so friendly to each other and others. THey did so good together. NO drama like I had anticipated. I loved that several of the girls who stayed iwth us made decisions and am praying that others will follow suit. I think we might host 10th grade girls next year.