Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas 1

We had our first Christmas this weekend with my parents. My mom so gracefully gave up trying to have Christmas on/near THE day so now we have our Christmas with them the weekend before Christmas Day. I love this arrangement because I really get to enjoy being with my family and not just hurry up and check another house off the list. We had a great time. After arriving in Searcy with a quiet trip with three sleeping children(bliss) we ate dinner with my brother and my parents. it was great to visit although my brother was his usual charming self. the children FINALlY went to sleep much later than usual bedtime and then got up very early to open prensents.
We had sausage balls, breakfast casserole and some great conversation. This year was crazy opening packages.

Our family is usually very orderly about opening gifts. We hand out three or four to each person and then take turns opening and enjoying what each person gets. Kenndey played "santa" and handed out the gifts as scott tore into each gift he got and some that were others. Gransy and Popsy were laughing because it was so chaotic.. so unlike us.Kennedy got mostly horses and a Breyer truck and trailer to haul her horses in. Scott got trains, and more trains and a track to run them on. I had a hard time because Scott loved Kennedy's presnet and wanted to play with it so bad. It is plastic and not Scott proof so we had to find ways to distract him from the truck. We all had a great time and enjoyed each other. After opening gifts, we hung out and did not cook the traditional Christmas dinner. We had steak and baked potatoes because my ENTIRE family are coming to MY house for dinner on Christmas night I am not nervous at all. HOpe it goes well.

I am so behind on so many things. here is some of them
Chrstmas cards
going through kids toys to give away
going through all clothes to give away
keeping up with college friends
cleaning out closets
organizing pretty much everything
printing pictures
learning how to use my camera like I need to
did I mention scrapbooking
and so much more I don't want to even think about

I am so looking forward to Christmas with my family and seeing how the first dinner at our house goes.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finishing up and Learning the Truth

Well, three weeks til Christmas and with close friends coming to my house for the first time in five years I think of all the things that need to get done. Since we added on this year I don't know how we can't have finished some of those obvious things...tile, columns on the front porch.. and so on and so forth.
Sean says the screens and the columns should be finished up tomorrow. I am so excited to see what the house will look like with real columns on the front porch.
I had given Sean an October deadline for finishing the tile yet that rolled around and still not finished... I just didn't have the heart to call anyone. He has his heart set on doing it so he can finish what he started.

I was getting all upset about not having everything done when our friend Jane Dobson, who is Klaire's namesake and the closet thing to family we have, arrives. I was frantically cleaning the house and yelling at everyone to quit dragging out and laying their toys around. My mom then reminded me that Jane is not going to care what my house looks like. She lost her husband last year on December 20. It made realize how unimportant those things we get caught up in are. I am so thankful for a family I can call on a daily basis and talk to.

Bobby you will be greatly missed but never forgotten. I remember so many Thanksgvings and Christmases with you and your family. Things I remember most is your huge smile and loving hugs everytime we came to visit. Everytime I hear Rainbow Brite I will think of you and our trip back to Texas. You and my parents telling me "no kids at the card table." Laughing hysterically while playing Trivial Pursuit and learning more about Czechasylvikia than I ever needed or wanted to know. I love you so much and miss you. Your family will live on to me in Klaire. I miss your smile and sweet spirit.

Don't ever take those for granted because you never know when someone you love will be called to be with Jesus.


WOW! I can't believe that Christmas is coming. Thanksgiving was here and gone before we knew it. I am late(as usual) but have been really thinking about what I am thankful for...

Jesus, who is intimetly spending time with me every day
A healthy, loving family
parents who come and see me often
a house where we can all have our own rooms
a baby who sleeps through the night.. and eats anything in sight
good friends who make me laugh
a church home that actually feels like home

and SO much more that is too much more. Thanksgiving should be something we do everyday and not just once a year. I hope I will continue to be thankful more this year.