Thursday, January 8, 2009

It is Thursday, I have been fighting Scott to go to bed for 30 minutes. He has been taking lessons from sister. he usually goes down so easy.

Today has been a good day. We had our ultrasound today. I am 32.5 weeks and the baby is measuring 33.5 weeks. She weighs 4lbs and 15 ounces already. I hope she doesn't get too big. The tech said not to worry she won't get bigger than 8.5 lbs. That is huge to someone who delivers 6 and 7 lb babies. (with no epidural) Ekk! We got to see her in 4D and she smiled at us. She is soo cute.

The new year is beginning as expected. Resolutions, trying to get back on schedule, and having fun all at the same time. I am reading the book "One Month to Live" It reminds me how I should be living although I don't always follow my own advice.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's been a long time since I posted. We have been to Gransy's house, Nana's house and home for Christmas since I wrote. Gransy's house was soo much fun. We got all kind of glittery toys, much to daddy's chagrin..he HATES glitter. We got to have Jesus birthday cake and ride in a one horse open sleigh in Searcy. The kids had so much fun but even with all of the presents we felt like they were focused on spending time with family. My brother and his wife were there so we got to spend time with them. I wish he would come visit more ofetn.
I am reminded how important family is because while we were there one of our family friends passed away. My mom's best friend for 25 years died in his sleep December 19.
It made the holidays so hard for us because he was more like an uncle to me than any family. It's the first time I have seen my mom so upset since my grandmother died adn I was so young then that it is hard for me to remember. The reminder that we never know how much time we have was very prevelant thru the season. It goes back to the book only 30 days to live.

On a lighter note, we got all of our cabinets in and are waiting for countertops. We decided to go with quartz. It was a difficult decision at first but then realized that what our counters were made of didn't really matter in the big picture. i am waiting for the results to finazlize. they have to bring their computer out and do final measurements and then two more weeks our counters will be installed. Plumbers are waiting for counters and then we can FINALLY be DONE! I will try to post pics after all is said and done. Progress from beginning to end is fun to see.

I am waiting to describe Christmas in more detail until I get my pics uploaded. It was soo much fun this year.