Sunday, September 20, 2009

First tooth

Klaire got her first tooth last week. I have benne wondering about the snotty nose and sneezing but just attributed it to allergies. Dr. Fred would tell me the two have nothing to do with one another yet I would tell him he is wrong. As a mother, I have seen all three of my children get a nasty diaper, runny nose and sometimes run a low grade fever. It is the left bottom incisor. SHe is biting everything and I don't think it will be long before she gets another one. How much fun is watching all of the milestones happen. I didn't enjoy it this much with the other two because I was so worried about meeting them. I am so blessed to have three wonderful, healthy children. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing my family.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of SChool

Soo.. Kennedy is offically a kindergartener. Her first day of school was a series of mixed feelings for allof us. I was excited yet apprehensive at the same time, Kennedy was so excited she woke up before 7:00, and SCott was pretty much oblivious...until sister left, Sean was sad for his"baby girl" to go to school. He wasn't ready for this he said.
OF COURSE, it was a monsoon the first day of school. Kennedy looked soo cute in her white capris and green and brown shirt. When she looked outside and saw the rain, she said, "Dang it" (thanks dad) "well, at least I get to wear my new leopard rain coat." She was okay with that. Sean and I loaded ALL three kids up and took everyone to her first day of school, camera in hand. As Sean says, I am THAT mom. I love every minute of it. I took the camera into her classroom and made pictures with Miss Anderson her teacher. WOW< She is such a big girl. I am soo proud of her. I didn't even cry. Sean had some tears put bit them back. When we got home Scott kept asking where is Kenney(kennedy)? he missed her terribly. Life goes on for Klaire. What a day. It seems that our lives have just changed in so many ways.
After picking up the princess, it seems she has grown up in the time she has been away. She has mastered the typical kindergartener response to everything, MOOOMM!
I in some ways look forward to the days ahead while I also dread the change of dynamics in the Holland house.