Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Growing Kids Sale.

Growing kids sale was today. I usually LOVE this sale. I get ready weeks ahead and put my stuff in to sell and wait for the big day. I got in line at 2 for the doors to open at three. There were quite a few people in front of me. Some had been there since 11. Not that important to me. I am pleased with what I got but still was not impressed with the sale. the toys were soo hard to shop and they didn't have much play equipment outside. Oh well. I got lots of good stuff, just to name few, peaches and cream outfit for h3, another two outfits sitll tagged from orginal store, several pair of shorts for scott. Some khaki some denim, thomas slippers, a play outfit with bling for h1. Scott got thomas slippers, a htomas floor puzzle as well as brand spankin' pair of stride rite sandals. I found a cute dress and leggins for h1 with tags still attached. Good deals but not as much to choose from this year. Just sayin.


THis past weekend was Kennedy's first tball game of the season. She is playing with 5 and 6 year olds at teh boys and girls club. Her team name is Eagle One Hot shots. We played in a suburban league tournament. We played a game on Friday night and lost our first game. The kids were nervous. They were a different team on Saturday. We won two games in a row and finally got into the groove about the time the game was ending. I hope that we keep improving every game. Sean, Todd(our cousin, and jeremy lensing are coaching. They are so much fun to watch. Hope we do okay.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lions, tigers, and ears?

Children's Hospital was our first stop on our venture this weekend. We have had an ear recheck appt for Scott since janurary to see Dr. BOwer. This doctor is the one who put Scott's two sets of tubes, took out his tonsils and adenoids and gave us the confidence that he is the best. We went for this doctor to tell us if Scott needed his third set of tubes. After looking at his ears, Dr. Bower declared Scott's ears "normal." this is exciting because every time we have been he has had fluid on the ears or needed tubes. He is doing so much better. We may not have to go back to childrens. yeah!
After Scott's appointment we took the kids to the Little Rock Zoo. It was pretty good and the kids had a ball. They saw lions, zebrs, HUGE snakes,(as kennedy would say). I loved watching the kids see the animals. It was also neat to use some of the different characsteristics of the animals as a way to show our kids how God made them. I am amazed sitll to this day about things like the giraffe's neck, the anteater's snout, and countless other things he made special for each species. We had so much fun as a family. We don't get to go do things like this as a family very often. I hope we can do it again soosn.

Potty time.. again

Soo, Scott has got the #1 potty training down. I am so proud of him. He is telling when he has to peepee in potty. We announce it to everyone in a resturant when we go inside somewhere. His newest accomplishment is to pp off the porch. He is getting so big. #2is not so easy. he is having trouble telling us about this. I know everyone says boys have a harder time iwth this, it doesn't make me feel much better. I hope this comes soon. I am proud of him for going pp and telling us he needs to go.


Easter this year was great. We went to the service at the PAC. I was there early taking pictures of families for the slide show and totally missed my family so the pics you will see are pics of my kids when we got home. Klaire is not so excited about getting her picture made.

We went to have our pics made with the animals at Jodi's in VB and she cried pretty much the whole time. She hated the bunnies and chicks. One of my college friends works with Jodi and put a chick on her head. SHe was furious. Hilarious. Daddy got to go with us for pictures and then we went to pay for our new furniture,hoping it might be in. No such luck. But we are excited about getting it. I bought our couch and love seat when I was single and moved into my apartment. It was a used set from a friend of my mom's who barely used it. Sean's chair is five years old and beginning to crack at the head and the stuffing is coming out of one of the arms. Someone has been in that chair at least 20 hours a day since I got it when I was pregnant with Kennedy. It has rocked babies many a night. This is where Kennedy and I spent the first six weeks of her life.. day and night. Our new couch is a bassett. Can't wait to get it. I may have to have help arranging it.