Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Trip to Zoo

This weekend was perfect. we had a family road trip to tulsa. It was Fall Break for Kennedy and we decided to take off on Satuday for the zoo and who knows what else.
This past weekend we went to the zoo... for the first time ever. It was fun for everyone. Kennedy's first time at the zoo went well. SHe loved the giraffes, rhinos, and the cheetahs. It was a little disappointing to me, I remember it being so much more impressive. The cages seemed cramped and the animals lethargic. I am not sure what I expected but the Tulsa zoo was not it. Don't mistake me I am not complaining but just speculating. The children walked all over that zoo to view animals they see all the time on TV. There is just something about being close to the animals that makes it more special. Seeing each animal was like opening a birthday present, after seeing what was in the box the kids were ready to move on. Watching the children get so excited was the best part. I am so glad that we waited until both kids were old enough to enjoy the zoo. Klaire was just glad to be riding out in the wind and sun and out of the carseat. THe weathere was perfect. Sun was somewhat overcast with the warmth we needed. The wind was blowing just enough to keep us cool without being cold. After leaving the zoo, we checked into our hotel and then headed off to Incredible Pizza. If you've never been there it's like Chucky Cheese on steroids. THere is food, games, bowling, and so much more i never saw. It was fun but the kids would have enjoyed themselves had they been a little older. Scott found a train and spent most of his time there. He also loved the game where there is an animal in the trashcan who randomly pops his/her head out and you try to shoot the balls into the trashcan. I loved watching him laugh when the guy popped out. Kennedy wanted to ride the pony and the carasouel, surprise.
On Sunday, we toyed with the idea of returning to the zoo. We quickly changed our minds when we looked out the window to find it raining. Disappointed as we were at first, Sean decided we should try the Oklahoma Acqarium.I was skeptical because I thought it would be too old for the kids. i was wrong. The kids loved seeing the fish. As we entered the lobby the kids first spotted Nemo. This made the trip more exciting. We found all kind of fish from the movies. Even some new unfamiliar fish.
The kids were thrilled with Sean's decision. The sting rays were the favorite of the day. On one side of an exhibit you could feed the stingrays. I had no idea that shrimp is "food of the sea" as we learned. These wonderful entrees feed the entire ocean, kind of disgusting if you think about. Anywsy, Scott was too excited to feed them. I think he might be quite the fisherman. Kennedy, not so much. ON the other side of the exhibit you could actually touch the sting rays and even some tiger sharks. The sting rays are different than I expected. Slimy is how they actually feel while I anticipated them to be more smooth. The sharks were scaly as I thought they might be. I think they enjoyed the aquarium better than the zoo.. you never know do ya?
Overall, it was a good weekend. I hope that the kids will remember this trip and cherish the memories as much as I will. These kind of trips are what being a parent is all about. Watching your kids explore and learn at the same time teaching them about God's creation. I am amazed every time I look at the animals and sea creatures how detailed God was in creation. How can anyone look at that and not know that they were wonderfully made or even just planned.
Dear Lord,
Thank you so much for traveling mercy, the opportunity to bond with my children and spend time with my husband. I thank you also for teaching opportunities and learning experinces for both my children and me. Please allow us more of these as they kids age.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This weekend was our first trip to the zoo. We waited until Kennedy was five so she would enjoy it more. Tulsa was the place we decided to visit, close to home and animals are animals right? Not so much. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. I guess I just remember the animals being more active and the habitats being so much cooler. Just proves how memories are what makes life. Kennedy's favortie things she said were the giraffes, and the "I like to move it"