Monday, September 6, 2010


Today my alma mater Ouachita Baptist Univeristy is having blog out day. The admissions office wants alumni to share their story via blog so here goes:

I always heard about OBU through my dad's youth group kids. I grew up know all about OBU. Many of Searcy grads went there. I really got serious about looking for colleges my junior year. My first love was any school where they had good cheerleaders and I could try out before enrolling as a student. I didn''t want to go to any school unless I could cheer for that school. This meant I couldn't go to U of A because when I was a senior tryouts were not until fall after enrollment. I found a school in Jackson, TN called Union University, a baptist school that had a coed cheer squad who was decent. I visited there and thought I liked it. Being a private school meant that I was going to have to get serious scholarships. On that visit, I learned I had a full ride due to grades, actitivies, and grants. Upon returning home, I had a letter from a girl I had looked up to all through high school telling me how awesome OBU was and how she thought I would love it. I made the excuse that I was still two thousand dollars short on scholarships at Ouachita. Looking through the mail turned out to be my answer. I had a letter saying I had received two thousand dollar scholarship from some random place in New York. WOW! God was trying to tell me something. Shortly there after, I tried out and made the cheer squad. Granted, we were not Kentucky by any means but I met two of my best friends cheering.

This leads me to some of the best parts of OBU:I met my roomate of four years at OBU. We are still friends to this day. I made so many great lifelong friends at college. Some of the best things were my social club(similar to a soroity at at state school) EEEs. Tiger Tunes. We WON as Toy soldiers. (pics to come later) Tiger Traks basically a oozefeat of mud volleyball, cheering in college,hanging out in OC Bailey with my girls, laughing, crying, and growing close, TWIRP week(the woman is responsible for paying).

I had such a wonderful experience at OBU and I hope my children choose to go there as well.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spontaneous and silly

Today was a wonderful day I hope m kids remember. For the first time in a very long time we had nowhere to be and nothing to do. I was kind of in shock because the day was so eventful even though we were not on a "schedule."
The day started out with my kids "cocka doodle doing" my brother at 7 this morning. Not a morning person, he actually endured it quite well. After a breakfast of togetherness, we ventured to "Greenwood House" aka my parents house in Greenwood. Side note: My parents live in Searcy but have a small place here to come and visit so as not to be in our "grill".
We hung out with my parents, had lunch, and then Kennedy got to ride her horse, Spirit. I know, original but we inherited the name when we bought the horse. She hasn't gotten to ride lately and loved it. I am not sure the love is as passionate as it has been in the past but still there. After riding, we played outside in the beautiful weather. I am so thankful it wasnt' so hot today.
My parents got a new porch swing and my dad, brother, and Sean put it together. It wasnt' that hard but each wanted to participate so after they finally got it put together we played with the box. It first was a resturant, then a lemonade stand, a package which came with children popping out. The best part of the play came when Popsy decided to push the big kids down the big hill behind the pond IN the boxes. How much fun did these two have. OMG! The game went on for a long time. Savoring the delighted squeals and jubilant laughter, I realized the kids are still babies. They don't always need an activity scheduled to have fun. Sometimes just being silly and spontaneous is the best.