Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's a First Time for Everything

Another excitng thing going on is Klaire's(aka H3 or Dobber) first day of Mother's
Day Out. She is only 10 months oldso I really had a hard time sending her, although it was out of necesstiy the first two weeks. I was working for Adult ed and macsteel from 7 in morning til 7 tahtn I needed ehr to go. i thoguht we could try it and then if she didn't like or I didn't like it we could always do something different. I was so thrilled when she reached for ms. Pat (who is her teacher)the first time in the room. She is in the same room that she goes to for Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings. I am so glad she likes to go and makes my life easier to get things done. She is so good, ms. pat is just in love with her. Thanks ms. pat!!

There's a First Time for Everything

Another exciting thing going on is Klaire(aka H3 or Dobber0

Catching up

Once again I have let a lot go by without documenting it. Where to start?
We began the new year with Upward and Kennedy is so cute in her uniform. I am coaching her squad and there are several of her friends on our squad. There is Elle, her new friend from school she met on the playground the first week of school. Elle, who is an answered preayer, and Kennedy were both seaching for friends and met each other and clicked right awaay. She is such a sweet girl and so much like Kennedy it scares me. T, her mom and I also hit it off. She is great and we stand outside the school everyday talking for about 30 minutes while the girls play.. unless it's thirty degrees or one of them is in trouble. We thank God for you Elle, and are glad you decided to cheer with Kennedy this year.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas was so much fun this year! It began on Christmas Eve when Jane Dobson, Klaire's namesake(Dobson) arrived that afternoon. SHe then attended the Christmas Eve service at church which was beautiful. The kids did great. Kennedy tried to sing the songs and held her candle so sweetly, Scott laid in the floor and played with his train but was quiet so I was happy. Klaire was fascinated by the singing and the candle. I didn't light mine because she wanted to play with it.. then try to eat it.
The service was great. I love going to church on Christmas Eve. It is not always perfect with two now three children but I am always glad to be there. It calms my soul before the chaos of the following days. My heart was so moved by the songs and sermon by Brother Ronnie. Thanks Brother Ronnie for being such a blessing to my family.

Then we came home and Jane got to visit with us. After she left Sean and the kids began making cookies. They had so much fun.. Kennedy chose a horse first then the Christmas cookies. Scott's first choice was a train. They made enough to make Santa a very happy camper. Then it was time to don our Christmas pjs. All three of the kids matched.. I failed to get a pic of all three together.

We woke up Chris mas morning, after a long night on the couch, to Kennedy yelling Mooom, Daad, it's morning time. They came out and got so excited about their gifts from Santa...
Kennedy got her much asked for choker. Santa could have saved himself a lot of money and just got that. She also got a karaoke machine and cds that are full of songs by Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and Disney princess as well as Disney's hannah montannh and other great classics.
Scott was so exited by his Pottery Barn anywhere chair with his name on it and his stuffed "big thomas" (stuffed pillow)
Scott was so excited about opening presents.. hd didn't care whose tehy were.. as long as he got to rip into them. his favorite line on Christmas morning was.."i wonda wat it is? Love it. Kennedy was so in character.. one at a time and then talking about each present. We had so much fun enjoying each other on Christmas morning.

Then Mom and Jane came over to cook the first dinner at the Holland house..and the whole family minus my brother came over to exchange gifts.

I hope that next year my brother will be able to attend the Christmas festivites next year. It was so much fun. We even had a white christmas.