Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thinking Ahead

There is so much going on in my head and life right now. WOW. It begins this coming weekend with Disciple Now and continues to Klaie's upcoming first bday and goes on to signing up Kennedy for tball again. Our lives are so busy and we are always going. I revel in days like today when we can slow down and enjoy each other. Scott and I cuddled up in the chair and watched Cars for about the 100th time. It didn't matter to me what was on, just that he sat with me and held my hand and every once in while lean over and kiss my cheek and say, I wove you, Mommy. my heart melts.
Klaire and I have read books and played with toys. She doesn't get much alone time so I try to make special time for her. Kennedy has been with her daddy today "sending cattle." That means she goes to the Leonards and stands beside the big cattle truck(the big ones you see on the interstate)on the OTHER side of the fence with her "stick and loads the cows with daddy" Soo cute. One day she will be way too cool to do this so Sean enjoys it while it lasts. It makes Papa happy too.
Tonight we have kennedy's upward game and she is going to do her first dance. We are soo excited.

My mind is still in overdrive but it helps to get some of it out on paper. I love the activity but sometimes miss the slower pace of kids being infants. I am trying to enjoy each stage and not wish it away. WIth Kennedy being halfway through kindergarten and Klaire about to turn one, I know that time flies and we miss out on so much thinking about what was or what is to come. I am thinking of the verse in matthew that says, Do not worry about tomorrow.

Thank you Jesus for healthy children, a husband who loves me and tries to show me, a home where we are safe and a wonderful church family. Please do not let me take advantage of these things. I love you.


Thinking ahead

I feel like there is so much going on in my head. It begins with Disciple Now this coming weekend to Klaire's upcoming first bday and on to kennedy's t ball signups. There is always so much going on in our lives(and everyone elses) I just revel in days like today. We have laid around doing not much of anything. Scott sat in my lap and we watched

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boys and notes

So Kennedy gets in the car telling me about her day and how it went. She got a little quiet and then from the backseat all of a sudden says,"Mom, I have to tell you something." her voice was so serious that I expected the worst... a failed AR test, a fall in the cafetira, a move off of green, yet my imagination was overactive.
so, I ask about the mysterious something. The conversations went a little soemthing like this:
Me: So what do you need to tell me?
H1:umm, so I wrote a note to nathan(will keep his last name out of print for sake of priviacy).
me:you did? what did this note say?
h1:wellll.. i wrote that I thought he was handsome. hee hee hee.
me: what did nathan say about this note?
h1: when i gave it to him, he read it and then he fainted.
me: really?
h1:yees moom, then he wrote me a note and and told me that he thought I was cute.
me: and what did you do?
h1: well, i fainted bu the gournd was really hard.
me: k, from now on let teh boys write you a note first, you don't write them notes first anymore.
me: you just let tehm do, one day you will understans.

All of that to say, I never thought we would have this conversation on boys and letting them "chase" you in kindergarten. I pray everyday for the things I say to my children will impact them positively. I was just thinking how wonderfully innocent the minds of small children are. I wish they would stay that way much longer.