Friday, December 19, 2008

Coming together

So it's been a while since I posted. We have carpet in all of our new rooms now! It's starting to look like a house and home. Only we have the 2 chairs and OF COURSE the TV in the "new" living room and the couch in the old livng room keeping the Christmas tree company. I have mixed feelings about the arrangement. I want to be in the new part for Christmas but REFUSE to move my tree. I want Christmas morning to be somewhat homey and it's hard when most of your funiture is in a different room. Who knows? One day my life will slow down.

I am reminded by a friend how "on display" we are for others. Sean and I were having a "discussion" on the way into home depot the other night. It was about how our Scott didn't cooperate to see Santa and if he had done it my way all would be well with the world. then, Lindsey and Robbie Berg were across and i mean across the parking lot and came over to give us a hard time aobut that said discussion. We were both horrified that we had been so loud. Now we can laugh but it was totally embarrassing. of course, Sean was horrified that anyone heard our disagrement like they don't know we are going to argue. But all is better. We got our closet rods, didn't get our walldots(pink polka dots for baby's room) much to Sean's pleasure. I will order them online dear.

Children are doing great.. Kennedy announced to everyone today at Learn and Play open house that we were going to Gransy's house.. My mom.
She is a sassy little girl.. I am so sorry I EVER talked back mom.
Scott is just as stubborn as can be. In the last two days, he has torn up TWO DVD players and I have been watching him. Today he escaped upstairs to inform me that
"TV mommy' M'mon and see. Like I didn't already know. His speech and word and sentence formation have dramatically improved since his surgery. We are soo thankful.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All is back to normal...somewhat

okay, so we brought Reuel home from the hospital yesterday and all seems to be well. They think his heart is fine and that the pain is from a pulled muscle? Testing is still ongoing to explore more options.... my guess hiateal hernia(sp) or gallbladder. This comes from hearing the dr. speak of dr. jackson, my mother who knows just enough to be dangerous.
House is moving along.. like a Tulley. Slow buy steady right? tile laid in two of the three bathrooms and cabinets are being nailed together tomorrow. Hope that means he plans on staining them tomorrow also. Looks like it might be Monday on those cabinets which puts carpet back also. We leave a week from Friday to go to Searcy for Christmas with my family. I hope we get those two things done before we leave.

Kennedy is growing so much. She is such a big girl. She is sleeping in her "new" room. Picture this: carpet remnant over concrete with a bed in the middle o the room. I wasn't about to fight her b/c I want her to sleep in there when the baby get here. I am letting her assert her independence. Is it really worth the battle when we are going to beg her to sleep in there in a month. She is loving it and it was her idea. SO.. that makes it better to sleep in there. Scott is talking in sentences and finishing words with the correct syllables after the surgery. Mere and Mel would be so proud, my speech pathologists.
Baby is growing and growing and so is mommy. I did good at first losing weight but I have found it all now. I am going to have to work my butt off when she gets here(literally and figuratively. ) Still can't agree on names..HELP! I would like to go to the hospital with some choices at least.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Never a dull moment at the Hollands

Oh my gosh! I am actually blogging!Aren't you proud of me Sharon? What a week for it! Last night we were at the Lottie Moon offering program for Sean and Kennedy to sing and Reuel(my father in law) starts getting chest pains. Sean and I left early because we had been there for both performances and we get a call from Sean's mom saying that she was taking Reuel to the hospital. Somehow I ended up with Donna in my car and sean "flew" his dad to the er. I finally got home and got the kids in bed around 9. the doctors put him in icu last night and did a ct scan and lung scan. Everything came back clear so now they don't know what's going on. As Sean would say, "It's all guess work in a white coat." So they kept him tonight for observation and we should know more tomorrow.

AND... we are supposed to be installing cabinets on FridayYEAH! When I say we i mean the cabinet guys and sean. Counters are still up for decision.. granite or quartz? They will probably be after Christmas. Carpet is supposed to be in next Monday then we can start moving IN!!! HOW EXCITING! I have only been waiting since June 10. I am not counting the days or anything. Kennedy is already sleeping in her new room with carpet remnant and bed and a santa nightlight. How did my kids get so weird? I know, it's their dad. JK That' s one less obstacle we will have to overcome when we "move" into the new part. It's scott in a big bed that makes me nervous. Today, he tried to brush his teeth... with Sean's razor. I caught him just in time. He had a small cut on his lip and one on his tongue. Once again, how did my kids get so weird? on that note I am going to bed.