Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Week at the Fair part II

Busy Week at the Fair part II(follow pictures above)
After spending all week getting geared up to show calves, the fun part finally rolls around. After showing Bella and not having so much fun, Kennedy got to forget about animals for a little while and begin to transform herself for the Fair Princess pageant. It all began at the Red Carpet Salon where Michelle Lensing did her hair. She started out curling it with a flat iron, ironic. Then she swept it up on top of her head with all these beautiful curls cascading from her head. Great job, Michelle!!
Then she got her Tshirt and jeans on for the opening number. She had to introduce herself and then do a dance to a Hannah Montana song. Quite awkward for six four to six year olds. No organized moves makes for a LONG dance but they did well. We then hurried back stage for a quick change into her dress. It was a short white dress with a halter and beads on the bodice. the skirt was full and flowy. Her socks and bow matched with marabou(fur) and rhinestones! The more bling the better!!! She came out and smiled so pretty, did her figure eight walk and then went to the emcees who one of turned out to be her queen, Emily McCollom. Emmy asked her the question what was her favorite toy. I thought to myself oh good, an easy one. She will answer horses for sure. I was wrong. Kennedy answered the question with "puzzles." Not sure where that came from but she smiled through it and looked very poised. She did so well that when they came out, she was announced as the 2010 Sebastian County Fair Princess. For her first pageant she did great! We are looking forward to our next appearance at the Greenwood Christmas Parade.

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