Friday, January 21, 2011

New Years

I have already broken several of my New Year's Resolutions. One, was to take more pictures, keep up with blogging better, and lots of others that I should know better than to resolve. Soo, after seeing Erin's blog book and how cool it was, I decided to catch up with my blogging.
WARNING: This will be a work in progress and take some time. But in the long run I am sure it will be worth it.

There are lots of things I want to remember. Here are a few things that I need to write down for posterity:

A conversation I had with Kennedy at Christmas time about talking to Jesus. Here's how it went:
me: Jesus can talk to us anytime.
K: Really, how?
me: Well, we don't always hear His voice out loud or hear his voice at all. Sometimes he talks to us through the Bible, other people, or circumstances.(yes, she understands that word)
K:oh, like when he talks to me when the wind whistles through the trees. (yes, completely HER words)
me; yes, K what does he say to you?
K: Jesus tells me He is proud of me for wanting to tell people about Him.

This made me so proud. At times, I wonder how we as parents are supposed to instill the teachings of Jesus in our children exactly. Well, sometimes I focus on us too much. Jesus will lead and show us and our children those teachings. Kennedy is such a sensitive spirit. I am so proud of her desire to do what's right.I hope it continues throughout her life.

Today, Klaire sang most of her alphabet. I have been so terrible about documenting things that she has done. Her fun personality makes me laugh on a daily basis. I also want to pull my hair out on some days because she does such different things than my other two. She is so good to go with the flow but when she has had enough, she get enough.

Scott had surgery for his ears on Tuesday. I did not get pictures because I didn't take my camera to the hospital. He did great. They put in T tubes because this is his third set. His chronic ear infections require this action. he was almost asleep when the nurses took him back. I was thankful they drs didn't have to give him the Versed. This makes them forget the procedure but also makes waking up afterwards that much harder. It makes Scott a grump. he didn't this time. He has been so good,

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