Friday, January 21, 2011

Scott's first year of soccer came way too fast. He played on the Bulldogs(original, I know). He played soccer a lot in the yard but was official this year at 4. Here he is running toward the ball. He did very well for his first time. Scott scored quite a bit! He was so proud. GOOOOOAAALLLLL!!! THis was his first of the season.

Once again, dad was conned into coaching. This time he recruited Terral to help him. The boys are Aaron, who turned out to be a great soccer player, Zachary, soccer is not his first love, Tyson, the best player on the team, Hudson, terrals son and scott' friend, we traded a girl for Hudson and he was well worth the trade, and Scott. These boys ended up winning all but one of their games. they played together as a team and the coaches did a good job too!

Scott and Tyson having a heart to heart with coach Sean. As Pospsy would say "Strategizing"

I am so thankful Hudson got to play on our team. He and Scott got to be close and hopefully will play together again. These two could cause some serious trouble in the years to come.

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